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Get the 5 stars you deserve - everywhere!


Sit back and enhance your digital reputation on the most important platforms – configured with ease and fully automated.


The central contact point for your reputation on the net: Maintain an overview by eliminating the costs you incur with other rating providers.


Deliver a consistent positive image on all channels: This way you generate more SEO power, more traffic and strengthen your market position against the competition.

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The command centre for your review management

The fewer users you actively ask to rate your online shop, the worse your score will be - and that despite the same good service provided. Especially on public rating portals, only those who have had a bad experience make their anger known. Therefore it is important to collect a lot of authentic feedback on all portals.

So that you can shine with 5 stars on all channels in the future, we have the solution for you today: our new Reputation Manager. With our Reputation Manager you collect ratings not only for your Trusted Shops profile, but also for other providers*. This allows you to manage your reputation on the net quickly, conveniently and above all holistically.

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It's that simple:

1. Add profiles of other providers

As usual, you send a review request with every order. With our Reputation Manager however, feedback is not only collected for your Trusted Shops profile, but also for other rating providers. Currently you can add your profiles to Trustpilot and Google My Business.

2. Configure distribution

You can individually determine how many reviews you would like to collect for which platform and adjust them at any time. For example, 60% of review requests for your Trusted Shops profile, 30% for Trustpilot and 10% for Google can be sent.

3. Send invites automatically

As usual, your recipients* will receive a review invite from Trusted Shops, but will submit their rating directly to the platform of the other provider ("Rate on Trustpilot.").

This way you can collect feedback from other providers without additional effort and improve your rating without any additional effort.

The result: 5 stars on all portals!

Your business automatically gets the reputation it deserves!

Stellar feedback on all platforms- the German company Elbenwald shows us how

“The Reputation Manager is a great product that works perfectly! I especially like how easy it is to distribute invites. We were working on an inhouse solution for our problem, but thanks to Trusted Shops we don‘t need that anymore.“

Dirk Wiedenhaupt, Elbenwald

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*The Reputation Manager is a Trusted Shops service. All other platforms, products and services, service providers as well as their respective brands and trademarks which may be supported and/or displayed in our tool are neither owned nor offered by or partnered with Trusted Shops. Their use us subject to the terms, conditions, and any other contractual agreements concluded between you and the platform providers.