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More than 60% of online consumers rely on trustmarks to make purchase decisions. The Trusted Shops Trustmark shows consumers that you fulfil our extensive list of quality criteria. After a successful certification process, you will receive an online certificate that proves the authenticity of the trustmark.

Money-back guarantee

Offering free money-back guarantee to your customers will help you increase conversions and the average basket value of purchases. The guarantee provides the peace of mind that first time visitors need in order to become loyal customers.

Legal Audit

Rules and regulations regarding data protection and consumer rights can vary among countries. Our legal experts will help you maintain a high quality standard. Our audit reports will guide you through various legal texts needed for expanding your business in the UK and the EU with ease.

"Using the Trusted Shops review collection has enabled us to considerably increase the amount of reviews which we used on the Soletrader and Soletrader Outlet websites. We have also been very impressed with the trust given by the Trusted Shops trustbadge and money-back guarantee. Since starting with Trusted Shops, this has helped increase conversion rates on average by 30%."

Luke Goodman E-commerce Project Manager

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"We have thousands of customers in the UK register for the money-back guarantee through Trusted Shops, which helps increase confidence and sales at the checkout."

David Williams, Director of Online

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"Since we added Trusted Shops in August, we have seen an uplift in conversions by 24%. We feel it is due to the growing number of reviews and the Trusted Shops logo being displayed across our website creating more trust with our customers."

Jon Ellis, Online Manager

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"The Trusted Shops trustmark shows our customers that they can shop safely with us."

Lothar Krause, Online Marketing Director (UK)

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"In the six month period after implementation, we saw a 14% increase in the number of orders and a 15% increase in the average order value, equating to a 27% increase in total revenue"

Walker Brierley, Director

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"Use the testimonial module to introduce yourself in an approachable way. Talk about your vision for your company, or what it is you love most about doing what you do."

Abdul Aslam, Managing Director

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"For us, as an internationally oriented company, the Trusted Shops trustmark has been an integral part of our marketing strategy from the very beginning."

Dariusch Malekzadeh Head of Internationalization,

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"Higher conversions and fewer abandoned purchases are just some of the positive effects that have been noticeable since we were audited and accredited by Trusted Shops."

Paul Medhurst, Managing Director

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