Trusted Shops Google integration

Trusted Shops is an official partner with Google for authentic reviews. With the Trusted Shops Google integration, online shops display the customer reviews collected on Google Shopping and Google AdWords. This guarantees greater visibility and more clicks, and at the same time reduces advertising costs.

More visibility - Stars in your Google AdWords ads are a real eye-catcher which motivates visitors to buy.

More clicks - Greater visibility leads more visitors to your online shop and thus to more customers.

Lower costs - AdWords assists with improving a higher click-through rate. This improves your Quality Score and the price-per-click falls.

Use your stars in Google now

Google loves reviews

All roads lead to Google: With paid AdWords ads, every customer review collected with Trusted Shops contributes to improving the ranking of your ad – for full visibility even before the first click.

Numbers that matter

The star ratings increase the click-through rate for Google AdWords by an average of


Use your stars in Google now


The reviews for your online shop will appear in Google Shopping and Google AdWords. With the integration of rich snippets, review stars can also be displayed in the organic search results.

Product reviews appear in the form of review stars in paid product ads in the Google search results and in Google Shopping.

For reviews in your shop: As soon as you have collected more than 100 reviews and your average ratings is above 3.5, your reviews will appear automatically in the Google shopping profile for your online shop. We send your reviews to Google every day, but it takes 3 to 6 weeks until they are published by Google.

For product reviews: As soon as you have received 50 reviews across all items, Google publishes your reviews in the paid product ads and in Google Shopping.

If the stars are displayed, AdWords ads are given more space within the Google search results. Your ads are thus more visible to users and get a higher click-through rate, which, in turn, is received as a positive signal by AdWords. This has a positive impact on the Quality Score AdWords estimates for your keywords. The higher the Quality Score, the lower the cost-per-click (CPC). For you, this means that you pay less for your ads.

In addition, Google generally prefers an advert with extensions to an equivalent advert without an extension.

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