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Accessible through your redesigned eTrusted control center, product reviews are key to valuable buyer feedback specific to your miscellaneous goods. Collect valuable feedback for each of your products to improve your conversion and reduce returns. We are happy to help you!

More Traffic

Earn more visitors driven by increased clicks in Google Shopping. Buyer reviews propel your product pages’ rankings and highlight them as unique content. Star ratings guarantee that your product ads are clicked more frequently.

Higher Conversion

Product displays that showcase stars and ratings are undoubtedly eye-catching. On your product detail page, these displays are what encourage impulse purchases. The product sticker is fully configurable.

Fewer Returns

The more comprehensive your product information and reviews are, the lower the return rate is. Consumers can inform themselves on whether certain goods meet their expectations or not.

Greater Overview

This simplifies feedback management. With only ONE review request, consumers can provide feedback on your store, services and products. In only ONE inbox, a collection of all your reviews are available.


Naturally, we want to make it as easy for you as possible. Select your shop software here to be redirected to the appropriate integration instructions. Is your shop software not listed? No problem, we have a manual integration guide available to you.


Important Features

Gather everything you know, and more, with product reviews. Eventually, you will also be able to manage your product reviews through your review inbox. Alongside feedback requests for your store, you will be able to send out review invites on products sold.

Review Inbox

Works just like your usual e-mail provider and allows you to keep track of all the feedback on your store, services and products.

Search & Filter

Quickly locate feedback on all of your customer journey touchpoints with ease. Interested in how a particular product is performing? Simply enter it into the search option and discover all the relevant reviews.

Respond to Feedback

Even the harshest critique deserves an honest and valuable response. Always maintain a respectful relationship with your customers.

Report Feedback

If you receive an inappropriate review, our service team is only a click away.

Helpful tips when using product reviews

Your integration is finished and you can now collect your first few product reviews. Here you can find more exciting information on how to achieve rapid success with product reviews on eTrusted.

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