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Boosting your total number of reviews!

Do you want to present your review stars in your Google AdWords ads in an attention-grabbing way but you don’t have enough customer feedback? With the Trusted Shops local reviews, you can expand your feedback sources and use the positive reviews from your branch store customers to boost your total number of reviews.

Google Stars

Reviews from individual branch stores can be combined with reviews from the online shop. You can thus efficiently collect the number of reviews required by Google.

Analyse feedback

Use your customers’ feedback to optimise and compare the products and services offered in your branch store and consequently increase your sales results.

Online visibility

Show how good you are online. 87% of consumers use the Internet to obtain information about local businesses.

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Collecting reviews:

Many options for lots of stars: Whether tablet app, e-mail or QR code – the most effective method for collecting customer reviews in-store depends on many different factors, e.g. your type of customers or the size of your store premises. We will be pleased to advise you as to which method is most suitable for your store.

Showing reviews:

In your review profile

With local reviews, each branch store has its own review profile, i.e. an SEO-optimised landing page which can be easily found by Google.

On your website

With the trustbadge or Review Sticker, your positive reviews will be presented on your website as testimonials and recognised by Google as unique content (SEO effects).

In your AdWords ads

Collected reviews can be activated in your Google AdWords and Shopping ads – this ensures higher click rates and more traffic to your shop.

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The tablet is always within easy reach on our sales counters, it’s really easy to provide a review and the nice comments are good feedback for me and my employees.”

Anett Kriester, Branch Manager at holzconnection in Berlin-Charlottenburg

“Whether online or at the sales premises, there is strong competition in the furniture business. You have to be optimally positioned with both your brand and your range to be successful in the long term. Reviews are a great method for us to show our exceptional service, to gain new customers and thus stand out from the competition.”

Daniel Gorr, Head of Marketing at holzconnection

"The sales premises business is still our strongest source of turnover; here, we are able to optimally serve our customers with our top quality products and our professional customer service. We want, of course, to use our sales premises customers’ satisfaction as a unique selling point in our marketing and to better position our local stores on the Internet."

Alf Nagel, Managing Director of holzconnection.

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