How to configure the Trusted Shops Local Reviews App

With the Trusted Shops Local Reviews App, you can easily collect authentic customer reviews on your local shop, brand, or branch. The app can be customised for it to perfectly fit your existing corporate design.You will find numerous tips on how to configure local reviews for your local branch.

Download from the App Store

Just like every app, the Local Reviews App can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store. After installing the app, its symbol will appear on your home screen. To use the app, please make sure that your device is connected to the internet.

Configuration menu

Quickly tap four times on the logo area to get to the configuration menu. Here, you can adapt the app’s interface to your corporate design.

Change shop

Here, you can change your shop.

Display review profile

Here, you can see the current review profile of your shop.

Password for the configuration menu

If you enter a password, the configuration menu will be protected from unauthorised access. Please see section 4 for more information on this subject.

Opening time / Closing time

In this fields, you can enter your opening hours. Outside these times, the app will switch to the power-saving mode and the display will dim automatically.

Background colour

Here you can set the main colour of the app, which will be used for different texts and the buttons. Colours are set via the RGB colour model. Your changes will appear as soon as you tap on the colours circle.

Logo background

Here you can set the background colour of the logo area at the top of the screen for it to suit the logo. Colours are set via the RGB colour model. Your changes will appear as soon as you tap on the colours circle.


You can also change the colour of the stars. Here, too, colours are set via the RGB colour model. Changes appear as soon as you tap on the colours circle.


You can brand the app with your own logo, which will always be visible in the top area. Supported image formats are PNG or JPG/JPEG. The ideal image size is 1230 x 324 pixels (width x height). To use a logo, upload it to the device via iTunes or the Safari Browser (long-tap on the image and choose the menu ‘Save image’). Tap on ‘Choose logo’ and navigate the folder in which you saved the image file.


Here, you can customise the CTA text. The default text is: ‘Did you enjoy your visit?’

Show advice on comments

This option activates some basic instructions for the submission of reviews that are displayed when customers tap on the ‘Comment’ field.


The app has a demo mode enabling you to go through the app and review process without collecting any real feedback. If this mode is active, both e-mail and comment fields are optional, but no data is sent to the Trusted Shops backend. Before using the device with real customers, make sure that this option has been deactivated.

Password protection &
guided access

If you also use the tablet for activities other than review collection, we recommend that you take one or more of the following measures to prevent misuse:

1. Set a password for the configuration menu.

2. Depending on the app, there are different ways to exit the app and use other functions of the device. If you use iOS, you may tap on the home button, for instance. The iOS ‘Guided access’ mode enables you to protect your device from misuse by unauthorised users. It makes it impossible for the user to leave the app that is currently active. For a detailed description of how to activate and configure this mode, see

How to successfully collect local reviews

We recommend that you openly ask for a review following a consultation, purchase or delivery.

‘I hope you enjoyed your purchase/the advice. We would be very grateful if you could provide us with some short feedback.’

Should the customer hesitate, it may help them decide to leave you a review if you stress that won’t take long:

‘Don't worry, it will hardly take a minute – there are just three fields to be filled out.’

If the customer decides to leave a review, they may still hesitate because, for example, they think it’s too complicated. In this case, you should take the initiative by showing them how it works, by explaining to them how to provide the star ratings, and by asking questions when they get to the comment field:

‘Did you enjoy your visit? Did you find everything you were looking for? Were the staff friendly? Was the service fast? Is there anything we can improve?’

Asking to provide their e-mail address may be a further hurdle. Here, again, a short explanation can do wonders:

‘Don't worry! We are not collecting e-mail addresses to send out newsletters or other promotion material. What is important to us is that only real customers can actually post a review on our shop. That’s why Trusted Shops will send you one e-mail by which you can confirm that you have actually left this review.’

Providing this information is also very important because only reviews which have been confirmed by the customer can be published.

Frequently asked questions

Please make sure that your device is connected to the internet. Connect your tablet to the Wi-Fi and make sure that the flight mode is off.

Quickly tap four times on the logo area to get to the configuration menu.

You can reset your password in the device settings. In the home screen, tap on ‘Settings’, look for the ‘Local Reviews’ app in the apps list and activate the button ‘Reset the configuration password’.

No. If there is no internet connection, the app will save the reviews locally on your device. The reviews will then be sent to Trusted Shops as soon as the connection has been re-established.