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What is the Trustbadge®?

The Trustbadge® is the key element for the optimum use of all Trusted Shops products. It combines all benefits for you and for your customers in one solution. The visible part of the Trustbadge® combines the trustmark and customer reviews in the standard version and is displayed at the bottom right in your shop.
The technical part of the Trustbadge® ensures that your customers are offered the free money-back guarantee in the check-out process and that a review reminder is triggered. If the time is not suitable, your customer can also be reminded to submit a review later by e-mail.
As a of JavaScript code snippet, the Trustbadge® naturally works with any web browser and on all devices, and can be integrated in a few minutes. Once integrated, your shop automatically benefits from new developments and features.
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What benefits do I get from the Trustbadge®?

Once integrated, the Trustbadge® always keeps the advantages of the Trusted Shops service in your customer’s sights. A benefit that can be seen with a significant increase in conversion rates.
What’s more, the Trustbadge® helps you to collect reviews: the automatic review reminder has caused the number of reviews to double for 70% of shops after having integrated the Trustbadge®!

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There is no space in the bottom right of my shop. Can the Trustbadge® also be displayed somewhere else?

Yes, the Trustbadge® can be positioned at different places on your shop. In these instructions, we show you how you can alter the settings for your online shop.
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I have integrated the Trustbadge® but it is not displayed correctly. Why is this?

The Trustbadge®automatically adapts itself to your status:
  • If you do not have any reviews, no reviews will be displayed. Once the first review arives it will appear in the Trustbadge®.
  • If you have decided against certification or certification is not yet completed, the Trustbadge® does not display the trustmark. Once you have successfully completed certification, the trustmark will be displayed and the money-back guarantee will be activated for your shop.
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Is it possible to temporarily deactivate the Trustbadge®?

Yes, to do this, you just have to alter a setting in the Trustbadge®. You can see what that looks like here.
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How do I collect reviews with the Trustbadge®?

The Trustbadge® ensures that every customer receives a reminder to submit a review. By doing so, it automatically collects new reviews for you. This requires the integration of the Trustbadge®. Simply follow our instructions.
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Can the use of the Trustbadge® have negative effects on the loading time of my shop?

When we developed the Trustbadge®, it was very important to us not to affect the loading time of our members' shops. The data for the Trustbadge® comes from the high-performance content delivery network (CDN) from Akamai. With over 150,000 servers in 92 countries, Akamai is the world’s largest provider of cloud services for the delivery, optimisation and securing of online content and business applications. The over 3500 Akamai users include Apple, eBay, Facebook, Microsoft, XING and Yahoo, among others.
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What data does the Trustbadge® transfer to Trusted Shops?

If a browser accesses the Trustbadge®, only usage data in terms of § 15 of the German Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetz - TMG) is transferred (for instance, date, time, referrer, IP address of the client) – i.e. data that occurs during any data transfer on the Internet. Personal inventory data such as defined by § 14 TMG (e.g. name and e-mail address) is not transferred to Trusted Shops.
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FTP: What do I need to access my shop server via FTP?

To enable integration of the Trustbadge® into some types of shop software, it is necessary to access the source files of your shop via FTP. For this purpose, you need access data with administrator rights according to the following pattern:
Server address/host address: An IP such as 123.321.123.321 or a URL such as
As well as username and password.

In case of doubt, please ask your domain host/administrator for the access data or look up your domain host's support section. A selection:
1und1 help centre: Web space and access
Strato FAQ: Upload files via FTP

Next, you need a program with which you can enable the FTP access to your server. Commonly used programmes include, for example, Filezilla and the Firefox plug-inFireFTP. Install one of these.

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FTP: How can I access my shop server via FTP?

Install FireFTP, for example, as a plug-in in your Firefox browser. Add the FireFTP button to the quick launch bar via Menu and Customise. Launch FireFTP in Firefox via the quick launch button (1.). Then, in the FireFTP window, click on Create a user account (top left) and select Quick Login(2.). Enter your server access data in the Host, User name and Password fields(3.).

In the Connections tab, you may have to specify Secure connection (usually SFTP). Then click on Connect.

You now have FTP access to your server and can upload and download files. Clicking on / redirects you to the main view. You can usually find the folder for the shop system you have installed, including all the system files, at /var/www/html.

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Who should I contact if I have further questions about the Trustbadge®?

Our team will be happy to help you with questions and all details concerning the Trustbadge®: call us on 0203 364 5906 or leave us a message.
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