Using Trusted Shops with Zen Cart


Show Trustbadge, integrate guarantee & collect shop reviews

The unique Trustbadge® technology makes it so simple to collect, manage and display your customer reviews in your shop. You can also easily integrate your trustmark and offer the guarantee.

To display the Trustbadge in your shop, you must first generate your personal Trustbadge code. Open this website to do this. Enter your Trusted Shops ID in the input field provided.

Notice: You will find your Trusted Shops ID in the welcome e-mail that you received from Trusted Shops.

As soon as you have entered the Trusted Shops ID in the input field, your Trustbadge code is created. Copy the complete code into the clipboard.




In order for the Trustbadge to be displayed in your shop, you have to adapt the PHP file tpl_footer.php

Search for them under the following file path:






Open the file and paste the previously generated Trustbadge code from your clipboard at the end of the existing code.




Then save the file.

In order to offer your customers the guarantee at the end of their order, the file tpl_checkout_success_default.php must also be adapted. This file can be found under the following file path:






Open the file. At the end of the already existing code you must now insert one of the following two codes. Which code is the right one for you depends on your Zen cart version. If you are using Zen-Cart version 1.5 or higher, please use the following code:



If your Zen Cart version is lower than 1.5, please use the following code:



Notice: If your shop uses a currency other than the Euro, you will have to adapt the code slightly. This applies to both code versions. Simply replace the currency abbreviation EUR with the abbreviation of the currency used by your shop within the code line <span id="tsCheckoutOrderCurrency">EUR</span>.




Save your adjustments afterwards.

Once you have completed these steps, you can now test the function of your Trustbadge. To do this, place a test order in your shop. When the Trustcard (“Guarantee Card") appears at the end of your order, you have integrated the Trustbadge into your shop and the guarantee is active.