Use Trusted Shops with WooCommerce Germanized



One question in advance: Do you use WooCommerce Germanized? If this is the case, no separate plugin installation is necessary, because the Trusted Shops plugin is already included in WooCommerce Germanized. If you are not sure whether you are using WooCommerce Germanized, you can easily find out. To do this, first click on the menu item "Plugins" in the main navigation of your WooCommerce backend. A menu tree then opens. Select the menu item "Installed Plugins" in this menu. Now a list opens. Search for "Germanized for WooCommerce" in it.




You did not find "Germanized for WooCommerce" in the list of installed plugins? Then please use these instructions

Important! If you find "Germanized for WooCommerce" in the list of your installed plugins, use Woo Commerce Germanized. In this case, you must not install the Trusted Shops plugin, which is available separately. Instead, perform the steps described in the following instructions.

If you found "Germanized for WooCommerce" in the list, click on "Settings".




Then make sure that you are in the "Germanized" tab within the following overview. If this is not the case, select the tab.




Scroll down the list to "Trusted Shops" and click on it to get to the configuration.




Next, we will show you how you can display the Trustbadge® technology in your shop and configure it according to your individual requirements:

Show Trustbadge, integrate guarantee & collect shop reviews

The unique Trustbadge® technology makes it so simple to collect, manage and display your customer reviews in your shop. You can also easily integrate your Trustmark and offer the guarantee.

To display the Trustbadge in your shop, you must first enter your individual Trusted Shops ID in the input field in the "Trusted Shops Integration" area. Your Trusted Shops ID (starting with X...) can be found in your Trusted Shops welcome e-mail.




Then scroll down to the "Configure your Trustbadge" area. First click on the slider at “Display Trustbadge" (1) to activate the Trustbadge.




Under "Variant" (2) you can choose whether you want to display the Trustbadge with or without star ratings.




By default, the Trustbadge is displayed in the lower right corner of the shop. Using the input field "Vertical distance" you can move the Trustbadge upwards on the right side of the screen. Enter the number of pixels by which the Trustbadge is to be moved.

Click on "Save" to implement your adjustments.

Notice: Do you have a multi-shop, for example, do you use multiple different language shops? Here we explain how to configure your multi-shop with Trusted Shops in WooCommerce.

Notice: Expert mode offers more options, but also requires advanced knowledge of code.

Once you have completed these steps, you can now test the function of your Trustbadge. To do this, place a test order in your shop. If the Trustcard (“Guarantee Card") appears at the end of your order, you have successfully integrated the Trustbadge into your shop, the guarantee is active and shop reviews are collected.



Show Shop Review Sticker with rating comments

In order to display the collected shop reviews prominently in your shop, you can also include the Trusted Shops "Shop Review Sticker".

If you want to show the Shop Review Sticker, you must first scroll to the "Configure your Shop Reviews" section. Activate the checkbox “Display Shop Review Sticker" there.




Afterwards you have to assign the correct widget to the Shop Review Sticker. First click on the "here" to the right of the button. A list with the available widgets will then open.




Scroll down this list until you find the "Trusted Shops Shop Review Sticker". Unfold the element and select "Main Sidebar". Then click on the button "Add Widget".




After this click, the widget will appear in the "Main Sidebar" area, which you can find in the same overview. At this point you can define a title for the Shop Review Sticker, which will then be displayed in the shop. To do this, open the widget in the main sidebar and enter the title you want (e.g. "Trusted Shops Reviews") in the "Title" input field. Then click on "Saved".




In the shop you can find the Shop Review Sticker in the right sidebar:




In the Trusted Shops plugin you have some configuration options, which you can find below the button “Display Shop Review Sticker".




You can adapt the background colour of the Shop Review Sticker to the design of your shop (1). To do this, either enter the hexadecimal value or simply select your desired colour by clicking on the colour field. You can also select the desired font (2) in the menu and indicate how many review comments you would like to display in rotation (3). Up to 5 reviews are possible in alternation. On top of that you can choose the minimum level of the star ratings which you would like to be displayed (from 1, very poor, to 5, excellent).

To complete your changes, click "Save".

Collect and view Product Reviews

Notice: In order to collect and display Product Reviews, you must first activate this option here in your My Trusted Shops account.

To collect and display not only Shop Reviews but also Product Reviews, activate the item "Collect Product Reviews” by clicking on the button. This opens the sections "Product Reviews" and “Product Star Ratings”.




Product Reviews

In the "Product Reviews" section, you have the option of integrating the collected customer reviews for each product using an additional tab on the product page.




For this you must first activate the “Reviews" checkbox.




You can then configure the display of the Product Reviews according to your wishes.

Under "Name of Product Reviews tab” (1) you can choose what name the tab will be displayed under on the product pages (e.g. “Trusted Shops Product Reviews”). In addition, you have the option of adapting the colours of the frame (2), the background (3) and the star ratings (4) to your shop design. To do this, either enter the hexadecimal code directly into the input field or select the desired colour by clicking on the colour selection field. You can also adjust the size (in px) of the stars displayed (5).


Product Review Stars (Product Star Ratings)



If you want to display the corresponding star ratings under the name of the product on the product page, activate "Show star ratings on the product detail page below your product name".




Now you have the option of configuring the display of the star ratings for your products according to your requirements. You can individually set the colour (1) and size (in px) (2) of the star ratings as well as the font size (3).


Brand attribute

Notice: To play out the product star ratings in Google search results, you must first enable the "Google Integration" option here in your My Trusted Shops account.




In order for the collected star ratings to be played out to Google, you must select the attribute under “Brand attribute", which Google uses to assign the reviews to the products. The drop-down menu shows all properties you have stored for your products. GTIN is best suited as a brand product attribute. If a GTIN is not available for all your products, you can alternatively select the MPN. If neither GTIN nor MPN are available, you should create them as a new property and then assign them to products alone. To do this, click on the "here" below the drop-down menu.

Optimised sending of review requests

With the Trusted Shops Plugin for WooCommerce you can further optimise when your customer receives a review request.

Important! Please do not use this function if you also collect Product Reviews. At the moment it is only possible to send optimised requests for shop reviews.

By default, Trusted Shops automatically sends a review request to your customer seven days after the order. With the help of the Trusted Shops plugin, however, you can make the sending of the review request dependent on when your customers are expected to receive their goods. This is useful for example if your products have different delivery times.

If you want to use this function, first scroll within the Trusted Shops plugin to the section "Configure your Review Requests". Activate the “Enable Review Requests" check box there.

Important! As soon as you have activated this setting, the review requests are no longer sent by Trusted Shops but by WooCommerce. Normally Trusted Shops sends a review request to all those who have activated the money-back guarantee. When the guarantee is activated, approval is also obtained to receive review requests. If the review requests are now sent out from WooCommerce, all customers will receive a review request - and not only those who have activated the guarantee. For this reason, the consent of your customers is not necessarily given for every order. Therefore, when using this setting, the consent of customers to receive review requests must be given. Therefore please note point 3 of the configuration options explained below.




After you have activated the switch, further configuration options open up.

  • (1) Here you can select the order status which is set in your WooCommerce backend as soon as the goods are shipped - e.g. "shipped".
  • (2) Here you set how many days after reaching the status set in (1) the review request should be sent.
  • (3) Here you can adjust the checkbox that your customer can tick to confirm their agreement to receive review request. We recommend that you check the stored text.
  • (4) If you activate this switch, an unsubscribe link will be integrated into the review request, which your customers can use to unsubscribe from receiving such requests.

In the plugin you have now made all the adjustments that are necessary to optimise your review requests. Click on “Save”.

In order to prevent review requests from being sent twice, you have to make an adjustment in your My Trusted Shops account afterwards. Therefore please log in to your account here first.

First move your cursor over the menu item “Reviews" in the main navigation. This opens a drop-down menu in which you select the “Settings" menu item.



Then unfold the "Collect Reviews" section and scroll down to the bottom. There you will find the checkbox "Review dispatch via Review Trigger API", which you now activate. This way, you have deactivated the sending of review requests via Trusted Shops, so that your customers only receive the request sent by WooCommerce.




Review Collector

If you would like to collect many reviews in a short time, we offer you the ReviewCollector. A tool with which you can send review requests to your existing customers. This is especially interesting for your initial period with Trusted Shops, in which the first reviews may still be a while in coming.

Using the Trusted Shops plugin, you can export the necessary order data from WooCommerce and then upload it to the Review Collector.




To do this, first scroll within the plugin to the "Review Collector" area. In this area you can define which order data should be exported from WooCommerce. To do this, you must first determine how long ago the orders you want to export should be (1). In addition, you can determine how many days should pass after the order before your customer receives the review request (2). Then click on the "Start export" button to download an Excel file of the selected order data.

Then open the Excel file and convert the data into the following format:




In order to upload the finished Excel file into the Review Collector, first log into your My Trusted Shops account here. Then move your cursor over the menu item “Reviews" in the main navigation. This opens a drop-down menu in which you select the menu item "Shop Reviews". In the overview that now opens, click on the "Review Collector" tab. Alternatively, you can also use this direct link to get to the Review Collector.




How you use the Review Collector is explained in this article in detail.

Important! By using the Review Collector, you confirm that you have received the prior consent of your customers to transfer their data to Trusted Shops for the purpose of sending review requests by e-mail. Further information about this topic can be found here.

Configure multi-shops with multiple Trusted Shops IDs

Do you have a multi-shop, for example to sell your products in different languages? Then you will be using multiple Trusted Shops IDs. Here you can find out how you can configure your multi-shop individually with multiple Trusted Shops IDs.

The prerequisite for the configuration of a multi-shop is that you have set up a multi-shop with WPML in your WooCommerce backend. Learn how to set up a multi-shop with WPML in WooCommerce here.

Once you have set up your multi-shop, go back to your Trusted Shops plugin. In the top bar of your WooCommerce backend you will now find a language switcher that allows you to switch back and forth between your language shops previously set up via WPML. Now select the shop that you want to configure next.




Now enter another Trusted Shops ID and configure all your language shops according to your individual needs, independently of your main shop.