How to integrate the Trustbadge into your website

Effortlessly collect, show and manage customer reviews with the one and only Trustbadge® technology for your website! Once integrated, it updates automatically.


Setup the Trustbadge® once to start collecting reviews

Have you not been able to find any integration tips specific to your shop software here? Please let us know per e-mail so that we can make make instructions available for your shop software in the future.

We have listed general integration instructions on this page for your developer so that you can immediately integrate the Trustbadge® into your shop. With only a little programming knowledge, this integration can be completed within a few minutes.

Step 1

Enter your Trusted Shops ID below to generate your personal Trustbadge®code. 



Step 2

Place the code into your shop template in the footer just before the closing tag. The Trustbadge® will then be displaying on every page of your shop, especially on the order confirmation page. You’re almost done, but there is still something important missing. 

Step 3

To allow the automatic collection of customer ratings and to enable customers to take out the guarantee, the Trustbadge® needs a little helping hand. First of all insert a element to notify the Trustcard to appear on your order confirmation page (thank-you page). The Trustbadge® will open this Trustcard that offers your customers the money-back guarantee or asks them to submit a review. 

You should define all the necessary data in the integration code below so that your customers don’t have anything to fill in:

<div id="trustedShopsCheckout" style="display: none;">
<span id="tsCheckoutOrderNr">2016-05-21_001</span>
<span id="tsCheckoutBuyerEmail">my-customer@mail.test</span>
<span id="tsCheckoutOrderAmount">40.95</span>
<span id="tsCheckoutOrderCurrency">EUR</span>
<span id="tsCheckoutOrderPaymentType">WIRE TRANSFER</span>
<span id="tsCheckoutOrderEstDeliveryDate">2016-05-24</span>

Fill the values of the parameters using the scripting language used by your shop system. In PHP, the e-mail address could look something like this, whereby $customer_email would correspond to the customer’s e-mail address in your shop system:

<span id="tsCheckoutBuyerEmail"><?php echo $customer_email; ?></span>

That’s it! The Trustbadge® is now integrated into your shop with all its functions.  


Do you also want to integrate the Trusted Shops Product Reviews?

To collect product reviews, you have to add the various product data from the shopping cart into the DIV element, which is shown above. In order to do so please follow our instructions for integrating the product reviews.


Personalise the Trustbadge® (optional)

The appearance, position and behaviour of the Trustbadge® can be adapted to meet your requirements. You can find a detailed description here.