How to collect reviews in Shopify with the Review Collector

Just ask previous customers to leave a review.

Step 1

Log in to the back end of your Shopify shop and select Orders in the menu. Click Export at the top of the page and select the orders of the last 2 – 3 months by choosing the option Export orders by date. Select CSV for Excel and hit Export Orders.

You’ll receive your CSV-file via email, save it and open it in a spreadsheet programme on your computer (i.e. Microsoft Excel). It is important to open the file in Excel via Datatab, in the Get external Data group choose From Text. In the now opened Text Import Wizard window you need to select the option Delimited, in the next step you need to tick Comma as delimiter and hit the Done button. Now the import in Excel is completed.

Step 2

Now you have to copy some of the columns from this one into a new spreadsheet in the same order as follows: Email, OrderNumber, FirstName and LastName.

Open a new spreadsheet and copy the columns mentioned above from the previous spreadsheet.

Once you’ve done this, delete the first line which contains the columns’ titles in the new spreadsheet. Save this new spreadsheet as .xls or .xlsx file on your computer.

Step 3

Log in to My Trusted Shops. There you’ll find the Review collector tab under theRatings menu item. Follow three simple steps, upload the spreadsheet you’ve created, select which template you would like to use and hit the confirm button to send the e-mails to your customers.

Congratulations, you’ll receive fresh reviews shortly.