How to integrate the Trustbadge into PrestaShop


Effortlessly collect, show and manage customer reviews with the one and only Trustbadge® technology for your PrestaShop store! Once integrated, it updates automatically. Additionally you can integrate your trustmark and provide the money-back guarantee.

On this Integration Page you find more details about how to integrate the new functions within the new PrestaShop Trusted Shops Plugin.

  1. Display Review Sticker
  2. Rich Snippets
  3. Send Invites
  4. Automated Invites According to PrestaShop Status

Display Shop Review Sticker

To display the shop review sticker, go to the "Service Reviews" menu.

After you have activated the sticker, the other configuration options appear:

Here you can adapt the sticker to the design of your shop. You can customize the color of the sticker, the number of ratings displayed and the desired minimum rating that a review should have in order to be displayed in the sticker. For further settings you can activate the expert mode via "Use advanced configuration".


Rich Snippets

To enable Rich Snippets please navigate to "Service Reviews --> Rich Snippets".

If you activate the rich snippets, they will be integrated into the pages you’ve selected, which may lead to your stars being shown in Google organic search results.

If you have already activated shop or product reviews separately in their standard modus, the rich snippets are already being transmitted. We recommend that you don’t also activate the rich snippets in the product category or product description page or that you deactivate them for the sticker in the expert mode.


Send Invites

In the Trusted Shops module you have the possibility to send manual invites for orders that happened up to 6 months ago. You can choose whether you want to send invites evaluating your service or the ordered products as well. To do this, go to the corresponding menu "Invites" and click on the button "Send Invite Emails to customers who have already placed an order". You will then be redirected to the „Select" page.

Here you can choose which period you want to use to select your orders.

In addition, you can choose whether you would like to collect product reviews in addition to the evaluation of you service.

Finally, you must specify the status of the orders for which you want to send the invites.

If you have selected everything according to your wishes, click on "Next". On the following page you will get a preview of the e-mail to be sent. You will then receive a list of all orders that meet your criteria. Here you have the opportunity to check the list and possibly remove individual orders. Only with your clear consent, we send out your invites in the step "send".


Send automatic invites according to PrestaShop state

Invites are automatically sent by Trusted Shops 7 days after the order has been purchased. By activating "Automatic invites according to PrestaShop state" you have the possibility to decide from which PrestaShop state (for example items delivered) and in which period after the selected state has been reached, the invites should be sent.


To enable the "Automatic invites according to PrestaShop state" feature, navigate to Invites and activate the corresponding feature. You can enter a number of days per shipping service provider after which the invite should be sent.

Please note: You must also log in to your "My Trusted Shops" account with your credentials and navigate to Reviews >> Configuration >> Collecting Reviews to the section “Trigger API” and activate this option:

Please note: if you change your My Trusted Shops credentials in the future, you will need to log in your PrestaShop module with your data once more, so that the invite can still be sent according to the order state.