How to integrate the Trustbadge® into your Magento website


Effortlessly collect, show and manage customer reviews with the one and only Trustbadge® technology for your Magento website! Once integrated, it updates automatically.

Get the free Trustbadge app for Magento


Magento 2.0 shops can download the free Magento 2.0 version here.


Setup the Trustbadge® once to start collecting reviews

Integrate Trustbadge®

Step 1

As a Magento user, you can use a free Trusted Shops extension(compatible until Version 1.9.x), which you can download here. Please install the extension to integrate the Trusted Shops technology into your shop.

Please note: If you have already integrated the Trustbadge® manually, please delete it before continuing. If you are using an old extension please deactivate it before continuing.

Step 2

Next, open the configuration menu in the back end of your Magento shop under System>> Configuration >> Services>>Trusted Shops or if you use Magento 2 you find it under Stores>> Configuration >> Services >> Trusted Shops. Enter your Trusted Shops ID (starting with X...) here and save the configuration. You can find your Trusted Shops ID, for example, in your My Trusted Shops Account or in your Welcome-mail.


There you are! You have already successfully integrated the Trustbadge®!

If you like you may choose whether you want to display the Trustbadge with or without review stars (variant) or adjust the y-axis position of your Trustbadge (Y-Offset).


Integrate Product Reviews

Step 1

If you want to use Trusted Shops Product Reviews, you can also configure that they are automatically collected or the way they are displayed on your product detail page:


You can adjust the design of product reviews according to the needs of your shop by using additional parameters, e.g. you can set the border colour of the frame around your reviews or the colour and size of your stars.

Step 2

If you want to display your product reviews on Google Shopping and have booked a plan that includes this option, you can set which product attributes shall be used as GTIN, brand and MPN as well. Please note that these fields are currently not included in the Magento standard and therefore must be configured manually.


Display Trustbadge within the lower right corner of your shops or somewhere else? Deactivate responsive design? Adjust the design of product reviews?

By using the Expert Mode you may personalize your integration even more.


You can use the Review Collector to invite previous clients to leave a review.