How to integrate the Trustbadge® into your ekmPowershop website


Integrate the Trustbadge into your ekmPowershop website
Effortlessly collect, show and manage customer reviews with the one and only Trustbadge® technology for your ekmPowershop website! Once integrated, it updates automatically.

If you don't have an account yet, it's free and easy to sign up.


Setup the Trustbadge® once to start collecting reviews

Step 1

Enter your unique Trusted Shops ID into the relevant box and your personal integration code will be generated. If you don't have an account yet, it's free and easy to sign up.


Copy the code to your clipboard.


Step 2

Insert the HTML code below together with your personal integration code generated in step 1 onto the Order Confirmation (Thank you) page of your shop. In order to do this, log in to the back end of your ekmPowershop and selectSettings >> Checkout. Scroll down and click on the Order Complete graphic in the Checkout Steps section. Click the Edit button at section Order Complete Messages and select a payment method, and switch to the Source view in the editor.

Enter your personal integration code generated in step underneath the existing instructions.

In addition enter the following code, as well:


Now click on Save at the bottom of the edit frame to save your changes.

Repeat this step for every payment type that is configured in your shop.



Step 3

On the Design page, click 'Edit' next to Theme to reveal a drop-down list, and from that list, select ‘Inject Custom Code’
Copy the code block under step 1.
You need to paste the Trustbadge code in the HTML Head Code box - beneath any existing code you may have in there - before scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the green 'Save' button.

You have successfully integrated the Trustbadge®, congratulations! The good news is that your Trustbadge® is already requesting reviews automatically. To invite previous clients to leave a review, start using the Review Collector and continue reading to learn how to export needed data within ekmPowershop!

Review Collector: Ask previous customers to leave a review

Step 1

Log in to the back end of your ekmPowershop and select Features >> Import / Export System (install it, if necessary). Choose Export to file and next Export orders. Select the orders of the last 2 – 3 months and activate the following fields for your export by ticking the checkboxes:
  • CustomerID
  • OrderGateway
  • OrderNumber
  • BillingEmailAddress
  • BillingFirstName
  • BillingLastName
Choose Single Line on the next page, then download and save the XML file. Open it in a spreadsheet programme on your computer (i.e. Microsoft Excel).

Step 2

Now you have to copy some of the columns from this one into a new spreadsheet in the same order as follows: Email, OrderNumber, FirstName and LastName. Open a new spreadsheet and copy the columns mentioned above from the previous spreadsheet. Once you’ve done this, delete the first line which contains the columns’ titles in the new spreadsheet. Save this new spreadsheet as .xls or .xlsx file on your computer.

Step 3

Log in to My Trusted Shops. There you’ll find the Review collector tab under theRatings menu item. Follow three simple steps, upload the spreadsheet you’ve created, select which template you would like to use and hit the confirm button to send the e-mails to your customers. Congratulations, you’ll receive fresh reviews shortly.