How to integrate the Trustbadge® into your Bigcommerce website

Integrate the Trustbadge in Bigcommerce!
Effortlessly collect, show and manage customer reviews with the one and only Trustbadge® technology for your Bigcommerce store! Once integrated, it updates automatically.

Setup the Trustbadge once to start collecting reviews

1. Integrate the Trustbadge® on every page of your website

a. Log in to your Bigcommerce backend.

b. Click on Settings in the bottom-left corner of your Bigcommerce backend and choose Web Analytics in the Advanced Settings column

c. Choose Visual Website Optimizer and click on Save

Choose Analytics field. Here you can insert the Trustbadge code!

d. Click on the Visual Website Optimizer tab that has just appeared.

e. Insert your Trustbadge code in the Tracking Code field and click on Save. Generate the Trustbadge code below. You do not have a Trusted Shops ID? Sign up here for free.




Insert the Trustbadge code!

 f. Press Save.



2. Configure the Conversion Data of your Trustbadge®

a. Click again on Settings in the bottom-left corner of your backend and now choose Affiliate Conversion Tracking.

b. Insert the following code in the field Conversion Tracking Code.

The only thing that you have to change is the value of the used currency in the ID tsCheckoutOrderCurrency. As default value we have set Euro (EUR)

c. Click on Save and you're done.



3. Enjoy the Trustbadge®

Great! Everything is done - you can now start collecting reviews with your Trustbadge® and grow your business. How you do it best? Read some helpful tips here.