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Greater attention
for your advertising

What makes advertising successful? Attention. And that's exactly what Trusted Shops ensures with over 95% supported brand awareness. Use the well-known trust elements to maximise the advertising effect for your shop.

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More attention on screen

The Trusted Shops elements can also be easily integrated into TV commercials and inspire an effect of great confidence.
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Whether trustmarks, ratings or both: use the appropriate elements on your banners, package inserts and invoices to create more trust at every touchpoint.


The trustmark in Trustbadge

Trustbadge in portrait format

Trustbadge in landscape format

Trustbadge in super landscape format

Trustbadge with ratings

What else needs to be considered

  • The date and number of reviews (last 12 months) must be provided for the rating score
  • All specifications are minimum sizes
  • Keep a large enough protective area around the trust element
  • Do not display the trust elements directly with one product so that they can apply to the entire offer on your online shop
  • The shape, colour or alignment of the trust elements may not be changed, nor may they be compressed or stretched
  • The highest possible contrast to the background helps ensure good visibility of the trust elements
  • Ideally, the trust elements are placed on a monochrome background

Use the Trusted Shops effect in all your communication!

Maximum power with the complete package:
Download all Trusted Shops elements now and generate maximum attention for your advertising.

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