Turn visitors into new customers and new customers into repeat customers by making them the right offers at the right moment. The Trusted Shops Traffic Package enables you to steer different target-oriented campaigns.

More traffic


Attracting more visitors to your online shop is the first step towards more concluded sales transactions. Sometimes, small actions can have a large impact provided they are taken at the right moment and the right place: on your shop profile, for instance.

More concluded sales transactions

More concluded sales transactions

Your customer has just filled his shopping basket with products but he’s hesitant to proceed to checkout. It’s the perfect moment to give him a final push by offering him a discount on the current purchase by means of an exit-intent pop-up.

More repeat customers

repeat customers

After the purchase is also before the purchase: help your customers to remember you and to buy again from your shop by offering them a loyalty bonus on the thank-you-for-the-review page.

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More visitors thanks to the extended shop profile


Advertise your promotional campaigns directly on your shop profile.
For instance, a deep link to the campaign page or a discount coupon has proven very effective in generating more relevant traffic and a higher ranking.

Keep visitors on your shop with the exit-intent pop-up


Make satisfied customers out of hesitant visitors. The exit-intent pop-up opens up when visitors are about to leave your shop – the best time to make them an attractive offer. By keeping visitors in your shop, you reduce aborted transactions and increase your sales.


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Re-activate your customers
on the thank-you-for-the-review page

A customer has received his order and has just left a review. Thank him with an offer encouraging him to buy again from your shop.


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